At CemAir we believe that our staff is our greatest asset and welcome only the most dedicated and passionate individuals, striving continuously to achieve excellence, to join our team.

We embrace individuals whose values align with ours and who support the vision, mission and values of CemAir. We encourage our staff to develop themselves and offer extensive training opportunities on both a personal and professional level. The underlying principle is one of recruiting for attitude and training for skills.

We offer competitive remuneration and reward individual performance. Our staff prosper within a dynamic and supportive culture and our mutual commitment and dedication determines our collective success. Our low staff turnover is testament to a fulfilling environment.

CemAir seeks to recruit only motivated individuals whose conduct is characterized by honesty, integrity and accountability. Should you meet these requirements and those below, please forward your CV to recruitment@flycemair.co.za. Please include as much detail about your experience as possible. CVs are accepted without prejudice and retained for a period of no longer than 60 days, so feel free to keep us updated with your most current details.

CemAir is always on the lookout for suitable staff for the following positions:

Experience and training requirements vary depending on the specific vacancy being applied for.


To apply to be a pilot for CemAir, please forward your CV to pilotcv@flycemair.co.za

Cabin Crew:

To apply to be cabin crew for CemAir, please forward your CV to cabincrewcv@flycemair.co.za

Operations post experience and training requirements vary depending on vacancies as and when they become available.

To apply to work in Operations with CemAir, please forward your CV to opscv@flycemair.co.za

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers:
We require a South African AME license with an endorsement for Beech 1900 aircraft.

To apply to work in Aircraft Maintenance with CemAir, please forward your CV to amecv@flycemair.co.za

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